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Your knowledge is your wealth. We believe in KnowledgeFi.

Traditional centralized question-and-answer (Q&A) platforms draw millions in revenue from advertising and job posting. In 2019, for example, Quora was valued at $2 billion and drew $60 million from investors in an investment round. Popular Q&A coding platform, Stack Overflow, was recently acquired for $1.8 billion. Content contributors reap indirect benefits like reputation, and top contributors get job offers from companies like Google. By March 2021, Stack Overflow had more than 14 million users who had provided over 31 million answers to more than 21 million questions. The users of Stack Overflow gain reputation points and badges for their input, representing gamification of the Q&A segment of the knowledge market. Other players in the knowledge market, such as CourseHero, Chegg, StudyPool, and other similar Web 2.0 platforms, usually pay contributors but aggregate the content/knowledge, protect it as their property, and sell it multiple times to clients seeking answers. Clearly, the traditional players in the knowledge market are used to crowdsourcing knowledge and selling the same for the benefit of venture capitalists and investors only.

The dawn of Web3 has created an opportunity to transition from the traditional, centralized knowledge market to KnowledgeFi. The evolution of the internet towards open-source technology and trustless, permissionless blockchain technology signals the need for decentralization of the knowledge market. $Ans.Best effectively satisfies this need.

Anchored in the third iteration of the internet, $Ans.Best is a community-owned Q&A platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration where the content contributors are the owners. The platform will work in a similar way to existing Q&A sites such as Quora and Stack Overflow but will steer away from the dominance of big tech firms and venture capitalists by leveraging decentralized technologies that turn users into owners who earn tokens for their contributions. Unlike traditional knowledge market tech, where contributors earn indirect benefits such as reputation, $Ans.Best users will get direct benefits in the form of tokens as well as contributions to decision-making as owners.

Please check the white paper for more information.


You can, of course, always answer your question if you know the answer to it. This way, you are helping others, and it will also earn you some reputation if your questions or answers get voted up. You can ask as many questions as you want, but keep in mind that duplicate questions might be voted down or deleted.

Might a question be closed for various reasons? It has too many answers, it's a duplicate of another question, or it's just inappropriate. Closing a question means that no new answers can be posted, but that doesn't affect the editing functionality. A question is automatically marked for closing once it reaches -5 votes.


Answers can be posted to any question that hasn't been closed yet. The good answers are always at the top and one of them can be approved as the best by the author of the question. The approved answer should be the one that's most helpful to the author of the question, rather than the one with the most votes. You should avoid posting answers that are one or two words long. These should be posted as comments instead (see Comments).


Every time you edit a question or an answer, a new revision is created. Revisions keep track of all the changes in the text, title and tags of questions and answers. The first revision is the original. The next edit you make will create revision #1, followed by #2 and so on.

You can always switch back to the original or any other revision. Restoring back to the original does not delete any of the previous revisions but creates a new revision with the original text restored.


Comments can be posted on all questions and answers. Basically, anything that's too short for an answer should be a comment. Comments can also contain suggestions, corrections or criticism. Bad comments will be voted down and automatically hidden once they reach -5 votes.

Everyone with the 'Enthusiast' badge can post comments.

Voting and Reputation

Voting is an integral part of ans.best. If you like something useful or interesting, vote it up. Questions that are clear and well-written should also be given +1. The same goes for answers that are helpful. If something is poorly written, unclear, rude or inappropriate, vote it down.

Your reputation points measure how much other people trust you and like you. Reputation is also used to distribute airdrops and profits in the first stage. Reputation is earned by posting good questions and answers. It is also awarded with certain badges.

Voting is linked to reputation. You earn reputation points when your post gets voted up and you lose points if your post gets voted down. Voting costs 1 reputation point.

If your answer is voted up you get: 10 points
If your question is voted up you get: 10 points
If your answer is approved you get: 5 points
If you approve an answer to your question you get: 2 points
If your post gets voted down you lose: 3 points
If you vote something down you lose: 1 points
If you vote something up you cost: 2 points


You get 1 reputation point for every 1 like you receive from your posts. This number may change as the number of users increases.


Badges are only given to those who deserve them. Being friendly and treating people with respect will always earn you badges and reputation points. So be nice and get some of these badges:

Nice Profile your profile is complete
Reporter for each report you submit
Voter voted more than 100 times
Critic voted down 10 times
Supporter voted up 50 times
Commentator posted 100 comments
Editor edited your post for the first time
Back in Time each time you restore a post from a revision
Newbie approved an answer to your question for the first time
Enthusiast reached 300 reputation points
Freshman reached 500 reputation points
Scholar reached 1000 reputation points
Teacher reached 5000 reputation points
Professor reached 20000 reputation points
Geek reached 50000 reputation points
Good Question your question reached 20 votes
Good Answer your answer reached 10 votes
Eureka! every time you answer your own question
Senior your account is one year old
Disciplined every time you delete your own comment

Daily Limits and Requirements

In order to protect the community, some limits are set. If you are redirected here, you hit one of these limits. To have quality posts and prevent bots, users must have unclaimed $ANS to ask and answer questions. Some requirements might be adjusted or eliminated later.

Users can get ANS airdrops by sharing the airdrop event or verifying accounts of some other platforms.

Type Daily Weekly Reputation Required Unclaimed ANS Required
Questions 2 6 0 25000
Answers 5 15 -10 25000
Approve 5 15 -10 0
Comments 20 60 100 50000
Edits 20 60 -10 0
Vote Up 5 15 20 50000
Vote Down 5 15 20 50000
Uploads 30 90 -10 25000
Likes 20 60 -10 25000


If you ever notice any problems on ans.best, report them! This includes bugs, missing or incorrect information, abusive, discriminatory or exploitative behavior. Every report you send helps us keep ans.best a nice and friendly place.


You don't need to register for an account at ans.best — you simply sign in with your social account. The first time you sign in, we will only ask you for your name and email address. We promise to keep your email safe and never send you anything, unless it's really important.

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